Imagine Peace Tower

Imagine Peace Tower

Beautiful memorial.  (I)MAGINE PEACE TOWER will be lit from:

09 Oct – 08 Dec John (and Sean)’s birthday to John’s death day
21 Dec – 31 Dec Winter equinox to New Year’s Eve
18 Feb Yoko’s birthday
21 Mar – 28 Mar Spring equinox and John & Yoko’s Honeymoon

It is lit from around 2 hours after sunset until midnight each night except on John & Yoko’s birthdays and on New Year’s Eve, when it remains lit until sunrise.

Reykjavik: 8pm-12pm
London & Liverpool: 9pm-1am
NY: 4pm-8pm
LA: 1pm-5pm
Tokyo: 5am-9am

Send wishes live by web post, email, Facebook, and Twitter.  Free busses and ferries to the island and back for those in Iceland.


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