Don Jon Review

I went to see Don Jon today in theaters, and am leaving a review. 

The best true summary I could give of this movie is that it’s about the difference between one sided and two sided romantic/sexual relationships.  In that sense, it’s a very interesting psychological movie.  Internet pornography is talked about as a kind of “one sided intimacy,” but things like romantic comedies and demands for perfection are as well, which I thought was a nice touch.

On that note, I thought this was a very interesting movie in that it had very positive messages about what true, two sided intimacy consists of, but until the end absolutely no one is really happy.  Like, at all.  But they think they’re happy, which is sad, and also, I thought at least, kind of the point.

On the more film related side of things, there’s obviously a lot of sex scenes in this movie, which you have to be comfortable with.  The end is surprising and nice.  Many of the characters are kind of annoying, but that also seemed to be the point, so it didn’t really bother me.  The camera shots are great and the cuts between scenes are quick.  The pacing’s a little odd — fast, slow, fast, slow — and some of the music seems kind of off center, but there’s not much background music in the movie so it’s quite ignorable.

One thing that really shone in the movie for me is the subtle (usually) satire.  Lots of things are mocked: religion from the front and the back of the Church, having a traditional family just to have a traditional family, extreme masculinity, extreme femininity.  Alternative stuff seems to be subtly encouraged: from sexual positions to gender ambiguity.

The movie’s not for everyone, mostly just because of the subject matter and general obnoxious satire, but I liked it.  It’s an interesting movie.  If you like interesting movies, this one’s for you.


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