Racist Undertones, Overtones, and Other Kinds of Tones Too

Do you think people always realize when they sound racist?

I was talking to my Dad today, and he made the serious argument:

A) That people on welfare are mostly inter-city Blacks.

B) That they are stupid and useless.

C) That they are that way because they go back to bloodlines that were kicked out of their own countries for being useless.

Holy.  Shit.

I’m amazed I managed to argue in a rational tone of voice.  I’m no stranger to weird racist things coming out of my household — my parents and grandfather don’t agree with our current President (and are verbally racist about it) and choose to deal with the social problems brought about by our extreme illegal immigration problem in a variety of verbally unhealthy ways.  But that was just too much.  So I knew it wouldn’t do any good, but I argued anyway.

You cannot — cannot — argue that someone’s intelligence is based on their bloodline.  Everything else offensive about my Dad’s argument aside, that one I just couldn’t let go of.  Bloodline does not decide intelligence.  Besides which, I’d hardly call the people who were Black slaves useless in the first place.  You know why Blacks were picked to be slaves in the South?  Because everyone else they tried out fucking died.  Okay?  No one else could survive what they went through, even creating music and religious subcultures in the process.

Besides which, there are plenty of Blacks today that contribute greatly to society and are not on welfare.  The ones who are, are that way because things become cyclical.  They become cultural.  If you allow a large group of poor people to rely almost entirely on government assistance to get by, even if you’re well meaning by it, you’re going to create a cycle where people get used to relying on government assurance to get by.

So understand me here, I’m not even arguing that there aren’t whole groups of people scamming the welfare system.  There totally are, okay?  I don’t exactly live in a wealthy place myself.  I know poor people who have become experts at wringing everything they can get out of the system.  It totally happens.

But that sure as hell is not all people on welfare assistance.  And you know what?  All the people know of who are good at scamming the system are white.

I mean, Jesus Christ.


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