Friend Problems


I have this friend.  We’ve known each other since we were six, which is part of what makes our current situation so damn weird.  We get along well, have a lot of the same interests, and aren’t particularly divided by things like religion or politics.  Her other friends seem fine with me.

And she’s not really talking to me anymore.  Like, at all.  Completely out of the blue.

Just for some background, we hung out with each other pretty much every week for a lot of the latter part of the summer.  We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so that was nice.  School started again and she went back to school and all of sudden I stopped hearing from her at all, but I just figured she was busy, so it didn’t bother me.

Then I started seeing her post up pictures of herself hanging out with other people on various social media sites.  I texted her and tried to arrange for us to get together — I was particularly interested in the two of us taking a road trip, which will become important later — but she always seemed to be avoiding the issue.  She promised she’d text me back with specifics when she figured out her schedule and then never did.  Or she insisted that something wouldn’t work for a whole wide variety of reasons — her schedule, other people’s schedules, she was just too busy…  A long list of reasons why it just wouldn’t be a good idea.

I was getting annoyed, but I tried to hold back and reserve judgment.  Maybe her other friends were just people she happened to meet up with in school or Church.  Maybe she really was just that busy.

So then today I see her post up today that she is going on a road trip — and she never mentioned it to me.  And now I’m really getting pretty annoyed.  What the hell?

I can’t figure it out.  So finally, I just texted her this morning and asked her if she didn’t want to hang out with me anymore.  It’s been hours and she hasn’t responded back.

I don’t get it.  What’s her problem?  The more I get to know people, the more I like my dog.


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