Gravity Review

I went to see Gravity today in theaters, and am leaving a review.

There’s a lot of silence in this movie.  Part of it’s atmospheric — meant to convey the feeling of being in space.  But it also works for other reasons.  The usual silence and bursts of low music help to create a good sense of suspense (that’s mostly the kind of action this movie has, the battering ram, suspenseful kind).  They also help to create an atmosphere that’s good for meaningful conversations and character development without overdoing the drama and ruining the realistic sense to the peace.  Both the main characters are enjoyable, though I liked Ryan more because she was more flawed, which I thought made her more interesting.  Matt has a lot of good reassuring and humorous moments, but he seemed almost too wise at times given the situation.

You get very invested in Ryan’s journey and development, in her triumphs and sorrowful moments.  In that sense, it’s a very interesting movie because for most of it there’s only one person in it and it still manages to be enjoyable.  There are no lulls, nor any lost sense of plot.  Once again, I liked the feeling of realism to the aspects the movie showcased of living in space, though my grandfather insisted that if the movie had really happened they’d all have died a couple of times.  So those very knowledgable about these sorts of subjects may have to suspend their belief a little bit.  The special effects are good, and much better in 3D, mostly because of all the little floating or flying objects.

There are some very internal emotional moments, given the underlying theme of survival prevalent throughout the whole thing.  Sandra Bullock is very good in this part.  The ending consists of a big rush, followed by a brief moment where everyone including the main character gets to sit back and think, “Wow, that was incredible,” before the movie ends.  A sense of a journey, internal and external, is a a major theme.  One complaint I would make is that it’s hard to orchestrate smooth scene changes in this kind of environment where it’s all basically variations on one place.  So some of the jolts between scenes can be a little abrupt, even when it doesn’t seem like they’re meant to be.

I would watch this movie mainly because it’s pretty unusual.  Usually this is in the good sense — the movie alternates between calming you down and getting you all pumped up waiting to see what will happen to the main character next, without exhausting you.  As I said, considering most of it’s a part of one character’s journey, it’s very involving.  The scenery and special effects are very good, very believable.  (One reporter in Mexico City recently asked the director what it was like filming in space…)  The survival of the main character is important for more than just physical reasons — you’d have to watch to see what I mean.  

I would recommend this movie. 


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