The Fifth Estate

Saw it today in theaters, leaving a review:

I’m going to start out with a criticism here and say that there’s a sort of chaotic, random overtone to the making of this movie.  I’m not a technical film person, I’m a poet, so that’s the best way I can describe it.  There’s something very chaotic about the way the movie’s made, which is especially obvious in the beginning.  Possibly this was purposeful but I found it detracted from the movie.

However, there is a very good, complex portrayal not only of the characters but of the situation they’re in.  I didn’t feel like anything was overly romanticized, which surprised me in a good way.  If anything, I would say that things were simply polished up to make them more movie-friendly.  So there’s a surprising lack of overt bias which is nice.

Some of the background scenery was very cool, especially in the first half of the movie, and I liked the international scope of the film.  The suspense is slow building, and very prevalent throughout the whole thing, so whether or not you like it is really a matter of personal taste.  While there are a couple of good surprise/thriller moments, it’s mainly a suspense piece.  

On that note, there’s a lot of mental back and forth that I really liked.  The suspense worked well in these moments.  You also get a good feel for how small Wikileaks was when it started out and how big it grew to be, in an ultimately self destructive way, which I thought was interesting. 

I liked the ending.  I can’t specifically explain why without going into how the whole thing chooses to end itself, but I thought it was kind of creative and well done.  There were some nice creative moments in the making of the film, including the decision to create a visual “setting” for the virtual Wikileaks site and operations.

Other than that…  Lots of ideology.  Some might say ideological ranting.  I mean that in both the good and bad senses.  The idea behind Wikileaks and why it was important is put across well, and even questioned and cross questioned once or twice.  

The movie has a couple of problems, but it’s definitely very interesting.  


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