The Truth About Canola Oil

The Truth About Canola Oil

A bit of background for me: my mother has a very high-reactive immune system (to the point where it actually sometimes causes her health problem).  She never gets sick, is never allergic to foods, nothing.  Canola oil is the ONLY supposedly consumable thing she has ever found that makes her sick, and it is guaranteed to make her extremely nauseous and incapacitated within fifteen minutes after consumption.  She is also not the only extremely healthy person I know who has gotten sicker from fast foods as they’ve switched to cooking with canola oil more and more.  As a result, we have a no-canola oil policy in our house.  This is a chemical that is used to make insecticide, and it is not, I believe, fit for human consumption.

For more information, or if you notice canola oil possibly making you sick, visit which is a site specifically designed for people who feel a mysterious and debilitating illness after consuming canola oil.


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