Evening Anxiety

Evening Anxiety

I think I have this, only for me it happens in late afternoons.  Morning and early afternoon, I have things to do — my job, my chores, reading, blogging, exercising, rollerblading, practicing my guitar, and sometimes I’ll go out for the day.  Evenings are when I usually recline in a bath with a book, meditate, spend time with my family, watch TV, write… things like that.

But late afternoons are the worst.  I don’t have any distractions or anything to do, so there’s just this down time where I get really restless and scared for no reason and my mind falls prey to all my various worries.

Dad says my grandfather, who we think might have been anxious, was like this.  He worked so hard to keep himself distracted, he could get more done in half a day than most people could in a full one.  But late afternoons are when he started drinking, because late afternoons were the times when he was done for the day and he just sat there with nothing to stop his mind from spinning.

It really is the most infuriating thing, and there’s only so much I can do about it.


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