Founder of New China Party

Founder of New China Party

I don’t know much about Bo Xilai, but I think Wang seems interesting.  On a different note, the description of how China’s voting system works reminds me of a story one of my Dad’s customers once told my Dad.  He grew up in a socialist country, and he said that he was once arrested for something he said in line while waiting to vote.  He said that the whole idea of voting was stupid if everyone knew who everyone else had to vote for anyway.  The predetermined feel of the whole thing defeated the point of voting.

He was arrested for saying this, because an official nearby heard him.  He has since moved to the United States, where he is firmly against government regulation to this day in part because of this story.  I think my biggest problem with the idea of communism is that it seems to encourage and attract this kind of control of the government over others — over who they’re allowed to vote for, what they’re allowed to say, what they’re allowed to believe.  This kind of control can lead nowhere good.  I think it just fosters private resentment in people.

Just a thought…


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