Charisma Break after Loy Catong Festival

Don Charisma

I’ve been flat out for a couple of weeks and need to slow the pace and recharge the batteries a little bit, so won’t be posting as much for a few days. A Charisma break:)

Loy Catong festival was enjoyable, relaxing laid back party, got nearly 300 photos. It will take me a while to edit and figure out how to get the best from iPhone night shots.

“Loy” mean float, well float away. And “Catong” is a little boat, well really a floating decoration with flowers, incense and a candle. So “Loy Catong” means floating away the little decorative boat. It also has a spiritual meaning, people pray for happiness and luck in their lives and the “Catong” is a symbol and part of their “ritual”.

Here’s a panorama of the beach during Loy Catong , the little specks of light are the sky lanterns :

Photo (c) Don…

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