My stalker has …

My stalker has said he’ll stop following me, but left with a few choice parting threats. I’m going to lay low for a couple days and figure out what to do. Consider this a hiatus.


I have made a decision.  This person is a stalker-type personality and a threat to me.  This is my last post.  I enjoyed the ride.  I’m so sorry, guys.  No more blogging for me.


You have underl…

You have underlying biological vulnerabilities with which you were born. Essentially, the strength of the signals transmitted through the spaces between your nerve cells is different than that of people without bipolar disorder… If these disturbances seem alarming, know that most of the time they are dormant and have little effect on your day-to-day functioning… When stressors (in your life) reach a certain level, these biological vulnerabilities or predispositions get expressed as symptoms (of bipolar disorder)… In other words, your biological predispositions affect your psychological and emotional reactions to stress.

– The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide

Think of bipola…

Think of bipolar disorder in the same way you would think of diabetes or high blood pressure. That is, you have a chronic medical illness that requires you to take medication regularly. Taking medication over the long term markedly reduces the chances that your illness will interfere with your life. There are also certain lifestyle adaptations you will need to make… None of these changes, however, require that you give up your life goals, including having a successful career, maintaining good friendships and family relationships, being physically healthy, having romance, or getting married and having children.

– The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide